Mother of the Bride

Elegant, timeless, graceful…

Mothers, you may have one of the most important roles in a wedding. As the motivator, pep-talker, bear-hug giver, you are the bride and/or groom's pillar on their special day and deserve to look and feel as beautiful as you would want for your own daughters and sons. Planning a wedding is no picnic so you deserve a mother of the bride dress that you will cherish in all your wedding pictures and memories for years to come. 

To all the future mother-in-laws celebrating a very special day, we wish you and your family our warmest blessings. 

There are so many different styles to choose from for a mother of the bride dress. The right dress depends on many factors such as the theme of the wedding, the reception's location, season, color scheme, etc. Oz Boutique has helped hundreds of mothers find their mother of the bride dresses. Listed below are a few of the most popular styles:

Knee Length Dresses

Knee length dresses are suitable for summer and spring weddings. These mother of the bride dresses are more light weight, comfortable for receptions taking place outside in the warmer weather.


Long and Mid-Length Sleeved Dresses

Some women prefer to cover their arms for a more modest, yet elegant look. There are various types of styles to choose from from full length sleeves to 3/4 quarter sleeve dress. 


Dress with Removable Jacket

This mother of the bride dress is very popular year-round for all seasons. Women have the option to remove the jacket when dancing, talking to guests, and enjoying the reception or leaving the jacket on for pictures. Versatility and comfort is key!


Cape Overlay Dress

Mother of the Bride dresses with a cape overlay are perfect for providing light-weight coverage. Suitable for any season, these mother of the bride dresses are elegant, feminine, and add an element of glamour to any wedding look.


If there is a dress you like or a style you have in mind, please give us a call to check stock.