Five Ways to Wear Red Lipstick

Make-up has been around for centuries, playing a significant role in the enhancement of beauty for both men and women alike. For example, in ancient Egypt, women used Malachite, a green copper ore, to tint their eyelids green and in Ancient China, women used vermilion, a bright red pigment made from the mineral cinnabar, to redden their lips. Make-up is a universal language that connects people while also making individuals look and feel beautiful.

A favorited look in cosmetics has always been the red lip. Red lipstick is timeless and sexy, yet sophisticated and elegant all at once. You can dress it up or down depending on what you wear, how you style your hair, or the complementary make-up you apply. Red lipstick looks gorgeous on all complexions and the color spectrum is infinite so there is a shade (or shades) for everyone. 

We gathered some of our favorite ways on how to rock the red lip look:

1. An all-black outfit

Pairing red lipstick with an all-black outfit is a quick and effortless way to add some color to your look. For warmer seasons with fewer layers, try a brighter shade like Candy Apple red or Scarlett. For colder seasons with heavier layers and a monotone color schemes, try darker shades like Maroon or Wine to counter the palette. Don't be limited to these suggestions, of course. If you feel like wearing bright red lipstick in the dead of winter, we think that is fabulous, as it brings warmth and color on a gloomy day. 

Tip: Red lipstick paired with an all black evening gown go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it is a black-tie event or a more casual get-together such as a cocktail party, don't be shy to accentuate your lips and add a pop of color. 


2. An all white outfit

While red lipstick and a black outfit are a match made in heaven, adding red lipstick to an all-white outfit is also a great way to bring color to your look. The subtle brightness of red lips accompanies the brightness of the white on the body without being too overpowering. 

Tip: If you choose to incorporate red lipstick into an all-white outfit, stick to white or red accessories. Wear a red clutch with red shoes to match the lips OR try white shoes and a white bag to match the dress. Silver jewelry goes well with either color. 


3. Elevate your updo or a bad hair day!

Now I know what you're thinking. Why on earth would I want to attract more attention on myself when my hair looks like a bird could comfortably nest in it? Typically, our quick fix for a bad hair day is styling it in a ponytail, braid, or bun. Wearing a vibrant red lip adds a touch of sophistication to an updo which not only reforms a bad hair day, but also makes you look like you (somewhat) have it together. You go girl!

Tip: Pairing an updo with red lipstick for a formal event is a classic look worn by many celebrities and fashion icons. Add rhinestone pins or embellished hair accessories to your bun or ponytail for sparkling detail. Or, wear chandelier earrings to elevate the updo. 


4. Red lipstick as an accessory

Accessories are one way to make or break an outfit. All elements of a look should complement each other so the whole package (you) looks complete. In this case, red lipstick can be used as a color accessory to harmonize with another red article in your look. Red shoes and red lipstick go lovely together. Throw in a red clutch or handbag to top it off. If there is a red detail in your dress or top, match it with a similar lipstick shade. 

Tip: The outfit trifecta: Belt, Bag, and Shoes. These three accessories should typically be the same color to avoid detail mismatching. Find a lip shade or nail color to match the trifecta to really pull an outfit together.


5. A red hot dress!

This last tip is one of our favorite looks that is constantly worn by celebrities and icons on the red carpet, TV, and all sorts of events. A vibrant red lip looks stunning with a red dress of the same shade, creating one sultry, red-hot package! Don’t be afraid to experiment with the same color.

Tip: You can never have too much of the same color in one look as long as the shades are the same or balance each other out. Try not to wear too many different shades of the same color in one outfit.