Get the Boho Look

Boho, short for Bohemian, is an aesthetic largely influenced by the hippie movement of the late 1960's and 1970's. Boho style is more than just the look, however, and also embodies the idea behind the fashion- free love and free-spirit. Boho fashion is typically comfortable and loose-fitting with minimal embroidery rather than glitz and shine. 

Boho fashion often includes:

  • Fringe clothing
  • Neutral, pastel, earthy, and light colors
  • Headbands and head-piece accessories
  • Bell sleeves and bell bottoms
  • Lace embroidery
  • Floral and paisley prints
  • Off-the-shoulder sleeves

Although Boho style is usually casual, the trend can also be found in many evening dresses, as well. 


The right print can add a touch of bohemian-chic to any dress or look. 



Layers & Fringe

Another way to add a boho element to your look is finding a dress with a layered or fringed skirt. Multiple layers on the skirt of a dress creates a flowy silhouette which is very common in the boho trend. 



Lace embroidery is very common in bohemian fashion. A simple dress can be elevated with a lace hem or neckline. If you have a dress you want to redesign, Oz Boutique can add lace fabric however way you like!