Pageant Queen

Fierce, feminine, confident…

Lights, camera, action! Competing in a beauty pageant is no easy task. The months leading up to competition calls for rigorous training, long hours, and of course a sore face from constantly smiling in photos. We salute our pageant queens for their emotional and mental strength on their journeys and are proud to serve them on their special day. Every girl is a pageant queen, Oz Boutique is here to help you bring it out. 

You need a dress that will match your confidence while the spotlight is on you. This is your moment and you deserve to look and feel beautiful on that stage. Choosing the right pageant dress may be the trickiest part of the journey, but Oz Boutique is here to help! The perfect pageant dress should compliment and not overpower you. Your perfect pageant dress depends on many factors such as your body type, complexion, height, budget, season, and even hair color. For an individual consultation, visit our store and speak with a specialist who can help you find the pageant dress right for you.

Here are a few tips to consider before making your selection:

1. Ask the critical questions.

What kind of pageant are you competing in? What is the age group? What styles are outdated and what is considered "in"? Is there a theme? What is the history of the pageant competition in terms of judges, winners, and expectations? 

2. Do your research!

What were the winning dresses at your pageant competition in recent years? Pay attention to the color, style, and designer.  A previous winning dress may not be suitable for you but trends are helpful in making a final decision. 

3. Reach out to experts for advice.

Who better to ask then someone who lives and breaths pageants? There are many websites, blogs, and videos online that specialize in helping women not only find the right pageant dress, but provide insight on the whole experience. Winners, judges, runner-ups, and other pageant veterans have shared their experiences online which can be incredibly useful. Oz Boutique has helped hundreds of women find their pageant dresses, jewelry, and shoes for all kinds of competitions. Visit our store or give us a call for more information. 

4. Set a budget.

Competing in a beauty pageant is not cheap! You don't want to overspend on your dress leaving no budget for accessories and shoes. Plan how much you are willing to spend on each component before you begin looking for your pageant dress. This will help to narrow down the search making it easier to find a selection. 

5. Be yourself.

This may sound cliche, but is often forgotten. Don't choose a dress that looks good but doesn't make you feel like yourself. Confidence is key on that stage and feeling good in your skin is more important than wearing a $1,000 designer gown. Choose a pageant dress that compliments your personality and shows the judges who you are- your authentic, beautiful self.

We broke down a few of the most popular designers for pageant dresses below:

Tarik Ediz

Tarik Ediz is famous for its elegant and eye-catching evening gowns. Known for its high-quality fabric, gorgeous embellishments, and prominent details, Tarik Ediz's stunning evening dresses will impress the judges and the crowd! Great for sophisticated themed pageants. With pageant dresses like these, accessories should typically be kept to a minimu not to overkill your look. Paired well with slicked back hair and natural make-up or a nice smokey eye. 


Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill is known for its youthful yet elegant evening dresses. These pageant dresses are vibrant, fun, and the essence of femininity. Sherri Hill is no rookie in the pageant world and has had many styles appear in several competitions throughout the years. Its versatile line of dresses gives you many options to choose from, perfect for any type of beauty pageant. 



Jovani is another very popular designer among pageant contestants and has made appearances in several competitions. Jovani designs dresses of all styles, embellishments, patterns, and cuts- the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a dress that speaks volume or prefer something more classic, Jovani has a dress for everyone ensuring that you will stand out no matter what you decide. 


La Femme

When it comes to style and quality, La Femme cannot be surpassed. La Femme's intricate beading and stone embellishments are a brand staple bringing glamour to any look. La Femme is known for its outstanding name and is recognized every year by several fashion and beauty magazines. You cannot go wrong with these dresses for any pageant. 



Mori Lee

Mori Lee has a versatile range of dresses and styles to choose from. Mori Lee dresses are sophisticated with a youthful twist making it a great choice for all kinds of pageants and competitions. Mori Lee dresses keep up with the latest trends while still maintaining a classic element in all of its designs. 



Faviana is known for its elegant and timeless designs. Faviana is a designer suitable for all kinds of pageants, especially ones with more modest and traditional themes. Faviana dresses can be styled with jewelry and dramatic hair for a louder look or can be styled minimally for a classic and subtle look. 



It is very important to keep in mind that pageant dresses often need to be tailored to fit your body perfectly. Oz Boutique has our own personal seamstress who does tailoring in-store to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your look.