Quinceanera Dresses

Colorful, extravagant, unique…

A Quinceanera is a popular Hispanic tradition celebrating a young woman's entrance to womanhood on her 15th birthday. A young girl should feel like a princess on her special day, choosing a dress that makes her feel both confident and beautiful. When it comes to choosing out the right Quinceañera dress, there are no limitations! 

The saying "less is more" has no place on an occasion like this. 



Quinceanera accessories are unique with many pieces having special symbolism behind it.  Some common accessories include but are not limited to:

Tiaras- Nothing makes a girl feel more like a princess than looking the part. Tiaras are often customary in this tradition, symbolizing a young girl's entrance into maturity and womanhood. 

Gloves- Gloves are an elegant accessory that adds a hint of sophistication to the glamour. 

Jewelry- The birthday girl's jewelry should compliment the dress based on color, stones, and flare. It is often customary to change into a second dress suitable for dancing so jewelry should compliment both dresses.

Masks- One common Quinceanera theme is the Masquerade ball. Guests are encouraged to wear matching (or unique) masks, bringing an element of mystery and fun to the occasion. The birthday girl, however, wears the most extravagant mask of all ensuring that she is the spotlight of the night. Oz Boutique makes custom made masks of all kinds, click here for more information.