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By Ronnie CohenReuters Health. NEW YORK Reuters Health - Single lesbians report having orgasms more often than heterosexual women but both gay and straight men still come out on top of the climax chart, a new report says. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University in Bloomington analyzed responses from 2, single Americans to online questionnaires. The survey was sponsored by the online dating company Match. The men and women in the study ranged in age from 21 to more than 80 years old.

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Hosts: Dr. Kate Balestrieri.

Behind Closed Doors is a show about many things. Namely, around sex, relationships, mental health, addiction, staying healthy, and all related current events.

So Why? But if you have any questions about this topic, you can call us at Triune Therapy Group at or message us on social media or on Instagram and Facebook Triune Therapy Group. So this topic came up because a couple of weeks ago, on July 31st, it was National Orgasm Day. Kate: No, I stumbled upon it and you know I sort of posted tongue-in-cheek this funny little clip on social media wishing everyone a National Orgasm Day. And it brought about a floodgate pun-intended of lots of different responses from people around their relationships to orgasms.

And so we thought, why not do an episode about this? Lauren: Right.

Kate: Absolutely. I know, I work with a lot of patients who struggle with orgasmic potential as well. And one of the things that they often will talk about is how they feel like their lives are going really well in all other aspects of their world except for this one place and they feel inherently not feminine and inherently unsatisfied. Kate: So there are so many ways that we can start by talking about orgasms.

And sorry guys, today women are coming first. We are talking about the Female Orgasm. We will have another episode for you later. Kate: So there are lots of different things to say about orgasms. Lauren: I think one of the biggest ones I hear from my friends has to do more with like having a really busy life and feeling really distracted.

And in that, they get really disconnected from their bodies. Because oftentimes one of the ways that we cope, is to dissociate from our body. It happens to us.

Being busy and being really goal oriented in life, can be part of why women stay so disembodied. Lauren: Right, of course. And when we talk about how busy we are, I think about also people that have children and just the chaos and constantly being needed. Because oftentimes when we are so goal oriented and motivated, being in control of our emotions is what helps us stay successful in those spheres of our world.

Trying to control the process is often what prohibits that kind of arousal from even being actualized. Is my partner happy? What did that facial expression look like?

I wonder what I have to do for dinner. Kate: But men have a lot of demands too. But for women it really impacts us sexually. And I think even everyone has so many different views and experiences with sex.

Many times, not always, but many times. And there seem to be a lot of theatrics that give both men and women different expectations about what orgasmic potential could be possible in their relationships and what it means to both parties if they can or cannot achieve an orgasm. Lauren: Right, absolutely. We have so much shame and fear around sexuality in general, which is interesting, because our culture is just absolutely inundated with sexual images.

But when it comes right down to it, people are often very reticent around what turns them on. But it really is surprising how many people are not having lucid, non-intoxicated, open conversations around this topic. Lauren: Well, absolutely. And I think that brings up another point.

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Kate: Exactly. Well speaking of childhood, oftentimes the conversation that is or is not happening around sexuality, growing up plays a large role in how women perceive themselves as sexual creatures later in life. And if they were shamed early on, for what is normal sexual exploration within their own bodies, they often can carry with them a lot of stigma around even the idea of having sexual pleasure and that can be an impediment to orgasm.

David Matlock.

Kate: And today we are talking about The Female Orgasm with special guest, international expert and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Thank you so much for ing us today. Matlock: My pleasure. You know, orgasms are very, very important. Very important to my patients as well.


Well, tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into the world of cosmetic surgery. Matlock: Well from my training, Gynecologist Board Certified — Obstetrician Gynecologist — but what I do I limit the practice to the procedures that I developed out, laser vaginal rejuvenation for enhancement for sexual gratification, deer laser vaginoplasty, aesthetic enhancement structures, liposuction, Brazilian butt augmentation and evasive high def. Matlock: For vaginal rejuvenation. So they want that corrected at the same time, just all as a result of having children.

Because with childbirth all those muscles are pulled apart.

And then if you can imagine, you have a lot of loose skin, mucosa, that lining. Then we go down below to the floor or the bottom.

By tightening those muscles, I reduce that excess mucosa, I close it then I go to the perineum body, the area immediately outside of the vagina and above the anus, and I remove that skin. Then I tighten those muscles as well to build up the perineum body, So by doing that, we enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength control. We effectively decrease the internal diameter, external diameter and build up the perineum body. Sexual gratification for the female is directly related to the amount of frictional forces generated. And so we have a lot of happy women throughout the world, they want to be like sixteen.

Can you speak a little bit more to the mechanics of why having a tighter pelvic floor or having some of the different procedures that you do, can increase pleasure? Matlock: The thing is that, especially women who have had children, things are relaxed. The vagina is relaxed, the vagina is larger, the muscles are pulled apart, and the muscles are weaker.

So we want to reconstruct that. Basically these procedures are about that and also we want things to look pretty as well on the outside. So by doing that, by decreasing the internal diameter and external diameter and building up the perineum body, we have increased frictional forces. So if I enhanced sexual gratification for the female, I also enhance sexual gratification for the male as well. But our procedures, all the procedures have been developed based upon the desires of women, what they want. The entire program has been developed based upon what women want.

I mean, what a feminist forward practice you must have. Really empowering women to take control over their own sexual typography. Lauren: I was just thinking if we could rewind fifty years ago would people even imagine, like such attention was being placed on something like that. Matlock: Our mission is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives.

Women know that. Matlock: The procedure will take about an hour, hour and fifteen minutes. And then they can go back to work in a week. No sex for six weeks, no exercise for six weeks, no yoga, spinning, cycling, Pilates. We need you to heal. You can walk as much as you want to walk. Lauren: So what would the difference between using a laser and using a knife for example and why would you choose one or the other? Matlock: Ok. I use the procedures, developed the procedures, pioneered the procedures, laser vaginal rejuvenation, and deer laser vaginoplasty procedures and trained over four hundred thirty five surgeons, gynecologist, and plastic surgeon in over forty six countries.

Recover in two hours and you go home. Kate: That is really remarkable.

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Before we jumped on the air today, you were showing us some images from a vaginal rejuvenation that you did this morning and it was so remarkable how clean and not swollen everything was. It was exactly like you describe, nice and tight. Everything was very—it looked very healed. Matlock: Very healed. And what the women want also in that we want to concern ourselves with form, function and appearance. And so we want things to look pretty on the outside as well. Kate: No.

Well I want to be very clear about something.