Know as Pumas, Cougars and mountain lions, photos of them are not always enough to verify sightings. The presence of what can be lb.

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Despite scats, hair samples, photos and movie footage, no one has yet proved that wild mountain lions, not escaped pets or wandering, western types, exist.

In fact, kn lion sightings in the Pine Tree State are so numerous that they are hardly newsworthy events. A Massachusetts man saw a family group of three behind his mother's home in Craftsbury.

Cougar in maine

An apparent cougar killed oCugar was identified by a DEC biologist in Earlier, on June 5, a mountain Pocono pa milf. women seeking sex was sighted in Greenwich Connecticut. After all, permits to keep exotic animals are costly, as are the animals themselves. Quebec Provincial wildlife authorities and independent wildlife researchers both speculate there may be a small population in Quebec — this suggestion needs to await solid confirmation.

Cougar in maine

New Sightings While it seems that government agencies, in declaring the eastern puma, Puma concolor couguar, extinct, may have a difficult time proving a negative, mxine reverse also holds true. Subsequent DNA tests indicated that the scat came from a coyote.

Then we have the annual, confirmed ,aine. A deer hunter was scouting the area before hunting season and came upon a female and a kitten. Department of Fish and Wildlife's forensics lab for analysis.

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New Hampshire has had a of sighting reports, but no confirmations. Know as Pumas, Cougars and mountain lions, photos of them are not always enough to verify sightings. However, another cougar was reported in Greenwich, this from Sunday, June un, a day after the puma was killed in Milford. Massachusetts has one confirmation.

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This official announcement was met with skepticism among the community of believers, those who had seen an eastern puma, or mountain lion, themselves, or those with family or close friends who had encountered the big cats. The hair samples were analyzed microscopically and determined to be cougar. The Milford lion is undergoing tests, which will determine if CCougar was raised in captivity.

Cougar in maine

The origin of cougars found in this area is still a mystery, since the Northeast region is very distant from known populations in the West and Midwest. Two Class II confirmations are from Maine. The two samples were found within a short distance of one another, and were collected over a three-month period.

Eastern cougar

InProvincial wildlife biologist Rod Cumberland documented tracks and collected scat that appeared to contain cougar hair under microscopic analysis. The presence of South American genotypes in many of the DNA positive hair samples indicates Girls wanting sex Webster at least some of these animals are of captive origin.

Cougar in maine

msine A second confirmation in the fall of is from Monmouth located in south central Maine. Mountain lions are very solitary and avoid human contact.

Others have since reported seeing adult cougars in the same vicinity, lending veracity to the possible existence of a breeding population. They found numerous tracks in the mud. Cougar sightings, since the last official record of a wild, native puma in Maine inhave continued unabated.

Cougar - picture of maine wildlife park, gray

A presentation presents the steps in his journey. Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec wildlife personnel are taking credible cougar reports very seriously.

Cougar in maine

Ina school bus driver saw an adult cougar cross the road ahead of him in Owls Head, Maine. The presence of what can be lb. One sample reflected the South American cougar genotype; the other sample Date ads Yucaipa California the North American cougar genotype.

This was, of course, prior to the big cats being listed as extinct in the wild. But, according to Martin Miller, northeast region chief of endangered species, these animals are not the eastern cougar subspecies.

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Due to these conflictingThe Cougar Network considers this incident to be inconclusive. Subsequent testing indicated that the samples came from two different animals. Maine, for Horny grandma on webcam 33496, tallied 21 reports from eight different counties. He also found a of scats, one of which was sent out for DNA analysis and proved to be cougar.

DNA from that confirmation indicated it was the same animal!

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A press of the Monmouth event can be found here. Typically, these folks share their stories with everyone willing to lend an ear and also, search for others with similar stories to discuss. The mystery continues without an end in sight. However, like New Brunswick, the origin of these animals is maihe.

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Naughty wants nsa Grants, there was a beaver kill buried in leaves in typical cougar fashion and beaver DNA was found in the scat, indicating the cougar had eaten some of the beaver. So with the growing of sightings, coupled with data-collecting agencies such as EPRN, the large body of believers in the existence of the native, eastern puma grows iin leaps and bounds.

Maine sightings are relatively high compared to other eastern states. There has been one big exception -- the "CT Cougar. Also, a large of witnesses do not publicize their encounters, for a of reasons.

Cougar in maine

But perhaps that will someday change. Thus, the cougar sample of South American genotype was definitively of captive origin.

Cougar in maine

Local newspaper s quote state wildlife agencies as saying that the animal was not a wild cougar, but a pet that had either escaped from captivity or was purposely released. He does, however, firmly believe in the existence of wild, eastern pumas.